How does it work?

We obviously need to get some information from you. It helps a lot if the information is as comprehensive as possible. There is some basic information we must have in order to do the design. All dimensions must be in metric millimetres i.e. 1.2m = 1200mm.


 What we need from you:

• An accurate plan of the room showing positions of doors, windows, and any other obstructions or fitted equipment like boilers, stop cocks, stair bulkheads, plumbing (boxed or not) supporting columns or beams etc..)

• Height and size of doors.

• Height and size of windows, how high it is from the floor, and how deep the windowsill is. • The ceiling height of the room to know what wall and tall units can be fitted.

• A list of existing kitchen appliances that will stay with their dimensions.

• A list of new kitchen appliances you are considering to add and if it will be free standing ‘built-in’.

• The position the Sink Waste exits from the room. Are you planning to move it? Can it be moved a bit? • Would you be needing a ‘breakfast bar’ or counter to eat in the kitchen? How many seats?

• Could you indicate a favourite style of Kitchen (I.e. Shaker, Flat Slab, etc..)

• The type of Worktop you would prefer. (Laminate, Wood, Quartz, Granite etc..)

• General Colour Scheme for the room (Cabinets, Worktop, Walls, Floor, etc..)

• It will be great if you could include a few photographs as well. Kitchen Design With this information, we can make a start. We might consult with you again to clarify any uncertainties.

Design is a process.

In order to engage you in the design process, we might present certain ideas or suggestions during that time. When I have a concept design ready we will email copies to you in order to "tweak" anything you are not happy with prior to finally completing your final design pack. Depending on the complexity of the design, we could complete it within 7 days.

We design with no specific manufacturer in mind. We therefore use standard generic European cabinet sizes - this will allow you to forward your Kitchen Design Pack to just about any kitchen retailer in the UK or Europe to obtain quotations.

However, we could also design bespoke cabinets that could be manufactured specifically for you if you so wish. Please note! We will not create your final design pack until you have confirmed you are happy with all aspects of the design.

At that time, we expect payment in full and your pack will be printed and posted. Your kitchen design pack. We can print and post the pack but it is generally better to have electronic copies that could be sent out to manufacturers.

The pack will include:

• A Fully Dimensioned Kitchen Plan – sometimes more than one; some with or without wall units or worktops to make it easier to read.

• Worktop specifications if required.

• Wall elevation drawings of all the faces showing cabinet details and heights.

• 3D colour perspective - sometimes more than one.

• A detailed list of cabinets, end panels, cornice, light pelmet, and plinths.

• An list of appliance with dimensions required


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