Kitchen Carcasses

KitchenOur  suppliers all work in different ways. Some of them supply their own range of quality carcasses. Some only supply the door fronts. In that case, we order carcasses form a company like Lubina Kitchen Company that manufactures top quality bespoke carcasses.

Remeber, we can design bespoke cabinets. Some of our manufacturers have the flexibility to produce high quality carcases to just about any shape or size. Carcases can be adapted to have varying voids, heights, widths, depths and have the option of extended gable ends.

What really matters

Any size, any shape, any colour ...

 Our cabinets can be colour coordinated to your choice of door or be specified in a contrasting colour as a design feature.

The face of the kitchen, the doors and drawer fronts, does matter, but in structural terms they’re the least important part of the unit. The rest — the back, sides, top and bottom — is what really matters.

It is the kitchen carcasses that form the real structure that have to support the worktops and appliances, and if they’re not adequately made, you’ll soon find yourself having to replace a unit.


CarcassWe pride ourselves in providing a top quality of product. Our product quality will in most instances surpass those found in the best high street showrooms.

Our suppliers make no compromises in the manufacture of our kitchens by using the very best in materials, fittings, and fixtures.

All of our carcases can be colour matched to most of the door and furniture catalogues used within the industry. Most cabinets are supplied in rigid construction. The exception may be for tall, diagonal and L shape units.

Most suppliers use high density particle board called wood veneered mdf - an engineered wood product that's made from wood chips and particles that are combined with an adhesive and fused together into boards and panels.

Solid wood units do exist but are not stable, they warp like all wood does, but this is made worse be the large flat areas.

Tall Larders

LongCupboards with swing doors were traditionally considered the building blocks of the kitchen, but their popularity is on the wane.

Well-designed tall cabinets with in-built custom storage features, such as pullout drawers with high sides, cutlery trays and drawer dividers all help to maximise the storage potential of your kitchen drawers, so that worktops can be kept clutter-free.

Transform simple larder units by fitting internal drawer boxes with attractive natural timber drawer fascias – a savvy way of freeing up space without compromising on quality or style. ‘You'll be amazed at the volume of food that can be stowed away in a tall slim-line larder - the perfect space-saving pantry. A bespoke larder that has been meticulously designed to accommodate the foods you love will make you smile every time you open its doors.

News from Grass

GrassGrass Quaturis S: Cornering technology.

What racing drivers have known for a long time, is becoming ever more important for kitchen planning. The cornering technology must be right. Because in the kitchen no space should be wasted.

To make optimum use of storage space, there is a need for intelligent movement concepts, which swing the contents of the cabinet out of its interior.

When developing the Grass Quaturis S, they have paid particular attention to ensuring an optimised movement curve in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics and function. A requirement that the new corner cabinet system more than fulfils, because the unique cornering technology makes combination with adjoining cabinets entirely straightforward.

Corner cabinet sizes. Suitable for standard corner cabinets; widths 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm.

Functional Shelves swing almost completely out of the corner cabinet. All levels can be moved independently of each other.

Easy to use The swung-out shelves offer optimum access to the whole storage surface. Loadable Each shelf easily supports 20 kg.

Flexible Two or three levels possible. All shelf heights are continuously adjustable.

Upgradeable Addition of a third shelf is possible even after the cabinet has been assembled.