How we work ...

Stage 1 - The Initial Brief

The first step is to make an appointment with a designer. The designer will do an initial survey at your home and work through your wish list with you to gauge what your likes and dislikes are. Appliances and finishes could be discussed broadly, but no specific decisions need to be made at this point.

Important - instead of listing things your new kitchen should have, the designer would encourage you to begin thinking about ways this kitchen will be used. So it is not only about your desires but maybe more about your needs – what the kitchen should do instead of only what it should look like.

There is no charge for this visit. After the first survey, we hope that you have enough information to decide if you wish to proceed to the next stage of design.

Stage 2 - Presentation of Proposals

We are keen to design your project for you in perfect detail. However, our design services are not free but it could be if you eventually order your new kitchen from us. So, there is a charge if you do not order your kitchen through us. The designer will present you with a quotation for doing the designs and that fee will be payable before we proceed with the final designs - whether you order your new kitchen from us or not.

Our designs are professional products and it takes time and effort to do properly. We listen to you, and we keep on trying until we find the solutions that reflects your lifestyle. The entire design process could take a while but we will not delay the process on purpose. We might want to consult with you several times to refine details. We want to be 100% sure you are happy with the designs.

If it is only a professional kitchen design your are after, that’s fine. Your designer will present the initial design proposals to you before finalising the details.

The final design is yours. You use that to shop around for your ideal kitchen and you could save a bag full of money that way. The design will be generic – i.e. not associated, or aimed at, any of our kitchen ranges.

So, what’s included in the design package? The designer will show you an example. Your designs will consist of several professional drawings, 3D CAD layouts, and  3D images, and a list of cabinets, doors, and appliances.

However, keep in mind, if you decide to buy your kitchen through us, the cost of the design will finally be credited into the final cost of the kitchen that you order from us.

Stage 3 - Refining the Design

Before we proceed with the final designs we will discuss the final finishes and details with you. If you order from us, we could then look at all various options and the catalogues of our kitchen ranges.

After the designs have finally been printed, we will require that you sign the final drawings if you plan to take the  process forward with us. The initial design fee will be credited to your final quotation when you place an order, but will be non-refundable should you decide not to proceed with us.

At this stage, a contract will be issued with a quotation for the supply of all the kitchen furniture, appliances, and worktops. Please remember that additions and changes could result in further charges - please budget for that because it often happens.

Stage 4 – Final approval and order

At the time of placing your final order, we will require a deposit of 33% based on the cost of the kitchen furniture excluding installation.

Delivery can take 2 – 4 weeks and in some cases where bespoke furniture is involved, even longer. There may also be seasonal variations.

During that time, and if we manage the entire process for you, we will make final arrangements with the kitchen fitters and other tradesmen that will be involved.

Please note: The kitchen will be delivered directly to your home. There might be more than one delivery on different days. Ample space should be made available.

Please note: We require the full remaining balance 7 working days prior to the delivery on site – excluding the cost of installation.

Stage 5 – Installation

Yet again, if you choose your own installer, the delivery will be the end of our involvement. However, we could manage the entire project on your behalf at a very reasonable, pre-paid, fee. We can introduce several kitchen fitters to you or recommend only one. Remember, the final choice of whom to use, remains yours.

We will manage the entire process and make all the arrangements on your behalf, but the final agreement remains one between the you and tradesmen.

Our surveyor will continue to monitor the site to check progress to ensure a smooth and co-ordinated installation process. Please note that there could be cost involved for the removal of your old kitchen. That cost should be discussed with the fitter or a third party. Final payments for installation will not be for our account.

All payments for installation must be made to the kitchen fitters or other tradesmen directly because it remains a contract between you and them even though the process might have been mediated by us. Different tradesmen might require payments to be made at various times on completion of their respective jobs. We will liaise with you and manage that.

Terms and Conditions

Please note: To place an order for a kitchen, you will be asked to sign the final drawings, sign a contract, and pay a deposit of one third of the total value of the kitchen, excluding installation. The full remaining balance will be due for payment 7 (seven) working days prior to the delivery on your site.

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