Bespoke Design


Designer Kitchens ... Simply elegant

A kitchen should be an effortlessly versatile space meeting the whole family’s needs.Elegant

We aim to design the finest kitchens to suit not only your everyday life, but which also balance functional beauty with the style of your choice. Your home should complement your lifestyle. So let’s be clear- we help you design your own kitchen.  We design because we need to find the solutions and functionality that suits a unique lifestyle. That’s why any designer must be a good listener as well.

From charming country kitchens to modern urban chic, hand-painted finishes, to the warmth of solid wood, we can bring your design ideas to life. Whatever size or shape we make sure that skilled cabinet makers will meticulously handcraft every piece to fit your kitchen layout precisely - with an impeccable finish. As part of your renovation project, we can restyle your existing kitchen and work with the team of professional kitchen fitters who installs your new kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom to exacting standards.


 When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke.

There's no need to settle for second best. If you expect only the best, be assured we can supply kitchen furniture that is carefully designed and developed using only the finest quality materials. To be specific, we can supply cabinets of the finest quality made with the upmost care.

Truly bespoke

Our approach is design led. So yes, we make cabinets to order to fit your storage needs, kitchen style, and design tastes perfectly. Cabinets can therefore be the size and formation of your choosing: with doors, without doors, with drawers, with shelves - whatever you desire. Just about any configuration is possible. If you expect only solid wood and dovetailed joints, it is yours.

However, we do not limit ourselves to solid wood alone. We supply a number of materials and finishes, painted, lacquered - from the contemporary to a more classic style - there is truly something for everyone.

Once the designs are complete, we begin the meticulous process of bringing together your ideas with the expertise of top artisans to produce the kitchen of your dreams using advanced CNC machinery.


The same applies to our drawers. We can supply heavy-duty steel drawers with robust runners engineered by companies like Blum or Grass. Or, if you prefer something more pleasing on the eye, we can also supply drawer boxes made in the traditional way in solid oak and proper dovetail joints. They will also last for years in spite of carrying weights of up to 40 kg.