Kitchens with a Difference

Marpatt Kitchen

Kew Kitchens aim to design kitchens to a high degree of individuality. Design for stockpiled kitchens is not our first choice. Every project is different and we can, therefore, source unique components for every individual project.

The Face of your Kitchen

The kitchen doors make the biggest immediate visual impact and determine the style of a kitchen. There are no rules, no rights or wrongs - it is ultimately a personal choice.

Here are some of our kitchens ...

Infinite Collection

The Infinite Collection represents the very best in innovative kitchen doors and component design.

 Contemporary Collection

Marpatt gloss

Airo alabaster gloss

The contemporary collection includes a range of ultra high gloss doors that could be finished in almost any colour – you can choose from our infinite range of colours.

Classic Collection

Monarrch oak

Monarch Light Oak

This collection could be in natural wood like maple, wall nut, or oak or could be painted. A block painted door allows the graining to show through. It could be smooth painted as well. The example is shown here with optional curved doors. 

Edwardian Collection

Marpatt regent

Regent natural oak.

The beaded door of the Edwardian Collection is the quintessential cornerstone of British design. Different beadings add individuality to the shaker style doors making it a suitable choice for any age of home.  These doors could be painted as well.


Bespoke in-frame Collection

Country Barn

Country barn in-frame

This range of kitchen doors will be unique, tailored to your exact individual requirements. There are various styles in this range and they are all made of solid woods and different finishes. It could be in a natural wood finish or be painted.  

Burbidge Collection

Burbidge has a passion for extraordinary kitchen design.


Classic collection

Burbidge classic

Tetbury In-framed Natural Oak

The intricate beading detail combined with the beauty of a natural oak finish gives the classic range an elegant appearance. Glazed doors with mullion detailing can/span> add character and substance to the range.


The Contemporary Range

Burbidge painted

Finsbury contemporary painted range

The design-led contemporary range is affordable yet well-designed. It is manufactured entirely in the UK. The range comprises of three distinctive door designs.


The Painted Collection

Burbidge painted

Burbidge Kinsale Oak Painted Slate

The collection of inviting paint finishes makes a bold statement. It still leaves the timber grain delicately revealed. So, if you prefer a chalk and bone hue, slate, or charcoal, there is a colour that will suit your style.


Minimalist Collection


Malmö Matt Mussel 

The sleek minimalist range is coupled with high gloss finishes or textured matt or luxurious veneers. No wonder the result is is cutting edge doors anyone could be proud of.


Looking for replacement doors only?

Why not?

If the budged is tight, replacing only the 'face' of the kitchen could be the most cost effective way of modernising your kitchen and with minimal disruption. By retaining the existing cabinets, one could totally and professionally refurbish every aspect of each kitchen - replacing doors, drawer fronts, and worktops.

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